Mircosoft: Connecting Kopparberg to growth


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Kopparberg is a subsidiary of Kopparberg Brewery Sweden that operates both in Britain and Northern Ireland. It was launched in 2006 and has been a tremendous success, becoming Britains largest fruit cider brand in both the on and off trade. It has a staggering £120 million turnover per annum, helped greatly by Microsofts suite of solutions. The Kopparberg team has a unique structure for a business of its kind with the majority of staff working remotely. The team spends most of its time visiting prospects and customers around Britain and Northern Ireland, so being able to link up with the main office to share information in real time is crucial to growth, so this was an area of the business that needed to be addressed. Through a Microsoft partner, “leaf”, a number of Microsoft solutions was implemented within Kopparberg that significantly improved performance. Its made the team 15 percent more efficient and significantly reduced lead times from prospects to clients.

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Adopting “Lync” improved communication while removing the need for physical face-to-face meetings, this was very useful for the sales team when they were briefing new business and team members. Kopparberg needed streamlined communications and secure back-up to ensure continuity of sales and order processing. The implementation of “OneDrive” ensured that relevant information could be shared across the team instantly and securely. Management can set permissions on files and share them with select team members as necessary, further heightening security. The previous method of emails created extra administration and sometimes confusion.


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which was deployed not, too long ago, has made a positive impact. Its become an invaluable part of the business as the management can now collate information from the sales team on the road and upload it to a central point. Kopparberg now have the information to really focus on marketing and distribution efforts. They can now identify specific venues in certain areas of the country that do not stock a particular product of ours, thereby helping us pinpoints marketing and sales spend. Kopparberg has found the Microsoft process to be efficient. It was easy to sell into the business as the benefits of integration were obvious from the outset. Thanks to the ease of use of “Lync”, “OneDrive” and Office365, Kopparberg can rapidly train staff and engage new staff as well as minimise the impact when existing staff move away from the organisation. Kopparberg plan to add additional improvements to its systems, including email tagging linking directly to the CRM, enabling Kopparberg see any pertinent customer or prospective customer trends. They are acutely aware they live in a “Microsoft world” and chose to be there as it allows our team to be on the road, more productive and more successful.

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